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Dan Hadlington

Hello there! I'm Dan, based in Sunderland, I'm currently a full time Engineer studying towards my bachelors degree in Engineering and training myself silly for climbing outdoors!

I have been climbing for a good few years now trying my hand at trad and sport climbing, but bouldering stole my heart. The exhilarating feeling of sending your project and feeling like you're going to explode!!! I live for that feeling and that's why I climb. I find no greater satisfaction than training, working hard and having that single moment of complete elation, then the sultry....what's next!

Climbing has taken me all over the globe, From bouldering in the Rocky mountains, sport climbing in Spain to deep water soloing in Vietnam. The chance to travel, an to be in some truly beautiful places and meet new friends along the way is really what turned climbing from a hobby into a passion for me. My greatest achievement so far is ticking 'Broken Arrow' V9/7C at Shaftoe, Northumberland.
Being a type 1 Diabetic I strive to show people and hopefully other diabetics that you can do anything you put your mind too. I want to be an example to everyone that you shouldn't let an illness rule you. 
I like to think that having a positive attitude and just enjoying yourself while climbing is enough to show people that even when you are getting shut down and nothing is going to plan, as long as you're having fun..... who cares :). Personally I find the best climbers are the ones with the biggest smile on their faces :D
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Instagram: @dan_hadz