Hand Crafted in Wales - Free UK Delivery - Our main email has been down for 6+Months, HUGE apologies


Who and Why

Dragon Holds are a couple of climbers from different backgrounds and different locations, friendships made from the love of the crush. Without our passions, we wouldn't even know each other. Simple.

Our holds are all handmade and the wood we use are always from a sustainable source and it's always made from hardwood. Beech, Birch, Ash, Oak and Tulipwood.

We aren't a big fancy company with lots of money in the bank. We're climbers and outdoorsmen. Due to our values and outlooks in life, we are dedicated to create the best product we can for you and for you to buy it at the best price.

We're outdoor instructors, on the walls and on the mountains. Any time after that, is making training and climbing holds for you lovely Ladies and Gentleman.

Any questions or you just want to say hi drop us an email at hello@dragonholds.co.uk, we're a friendly bunch and just love the outdoors and climbing.





Craft and Information:

All of our training products our made out of hardwoods, all sourced from a sustainable forest.

We take our upmost care to create the best product we can with close to identical measurements, to create a high consistency. However, due to this nature, all measurements listed, are rounded up estimates. We do not use any CNC maching or computer templates, each piece is hand crafted and therefore unique in its own right. Personally, we love this aspect of our training products.

Any "pinch/dangling" product comes pre-fitted with a rated lifting eye bolt made from A4 marine grade stainless steel.

Any other product comes pre-drilled ready for you to screw in a countersunk screw or bolt to your own set up. (screw or bolt and type needed is dependant on your own system) you may or may not want to increase the pilot drill hole. (We can always adjust this to a personalised order, when requested).

Our training products are your ideal companion for your warm ups or on your travels. Hook them up via quick draws or via climbing slings and you are good to go.

No excuse not to train or warm up properly anymore.